特殊收容措施:SCP-1580目前被收容于Site 30的一个7×7m大小的陆上生物收容区中。SCP-1580-1个体的行为和声音将一直受到监控。目前禁止与有智能的SCP-1580个体交流。

描述:SCP-1580是南方常绿橡树,学名Quercus virginianaspecimen。其目前树枝散开了19m并且有22m高 (10/3/2010)。SCP-1580的年纪大约是65岁,并没有表现出任何非凡特性或构造。SCP-1580快节奏地落叶,一分钟内大约70到180片。SCP-1580的主要异常性质为其叶子的自主特性。其叶被编号为SCP-1580-1。




附录1580-A:All instances of SCP-1580-1 halted on ██/█/████. Recordings of the event, under later inspection, revealed one instance of SCP-1580-1 to be speaking at 38 db. No evidence of the event described by the instance has been found, and evaluation of the involvement of [REDACTED] in society is under consideration.

Today, one whole tale has been forgotten. Not just simply left in the archives of an old, but left in their withered corpse. An occasion that rarely occurs.

How many years has it been since the first one? Time went from crawling to flying, though I do not know how.

Look at me now. The only reason I'm still here is my immaturity. Making myself bustle and hustle about. I'm no more in worth than the villages of today. This is not how I should be. Sickening.

My tale has already been long forgotten. I cannot remember it myself. Ah, how I wish for days past. But today, I am trapped with the very men and women who vanquish tales. Those that are left alive today are nothing but warped figures of what used to be.

Never mind my rambling. I will continue my shrieking. Remembrance is nice, even if it's made from those you despise.

After the first coherent vocalization of an SCP-1580-1 instance, all instances began to repeatedly speak the following (██/█/████):

We climb and climb, afraid of time,
It ticks and tocks, like falling blocks,
Don't want to die, in tears and grime.

Our mother's locks, her lovely flock,
We cannot cry, so life's sublime,
We're ne'er not fast, and though we laugh,

Only a few fairy tales can last
When a foundation rips apart the past

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