~ CCSG ~


描述: 圣乔治骑士团(La Confraternita dei Cavalieri di San Giorgio,CCSG)是一个天主教秘密修会,其于公元453年由教宗利奥一世组建,旨在对罗马帝国境内的异常进行收容或销毁,并同时打击能运用这些异常的异教团体。其影响力随教廷影响力增长而增长,并在十字军战争期间及美洲殖民期间达到高峰。而由于骑士团部分成员支持马丁·路德,其影响力也相应地受到了新教改革的冲击,这也使得教宗保禄三世疑心大起,并执意取得了骑士团的直接控制权。


组织: CCSG分支由主教领导,主教们则听命于由教宗本人和四名教宗属意被选中的枢机主教组成的Concilium sanctōrum inter sanctos(诸圣之圣议会)。议会的主要任务是每十年选举一次主教、管理骑士团以及处理与其他GoI的关系。

宗旨: CCSG是天主教会处理异常相关事务的机构,其将异常分为两类:angeli anomali(天使异常)与diaboli anomali(魔鬼异常):前者指涉与宗教人物相关的特定遗物,一般被收藏于梵蒂冈或特定地点;而后者与自然巫术崇拜或多神教崇拜仪式有关,通常被销毁或以其他方式消除影响。

对基金会态度: 基金会与CCSG之间的关系非常僵:虽然其似乎并未显示出合作意愿,但迄今为止,其既未曾表露出敌意态度,亦未曾示好。在向现任监督者议会提交申请并由后者开始与骑士团的会晤政策并取得一系列双边利益后,基金会与CCSG的关系有所缓和。



~ CFO ~


描述: 秘密法西斯委员会(Consiglio Fascista dell'Occulto,CFO)是一个在二战末期诞生的组织,当时一部分仍忠于法西斯主义的RIDIA成员成功逃过了基金会的记忆删除并带着一部分其保有的异常逃之夭夭。


组织: 秘密法西斯委员会的首脑拥有“执政官”之名,其可能是拥有异常特质的人员。CFO的组织很松散,由分布在意大利各地的小型组织组成,由于流窜频繁,故极难对其完成定位。

宗旨: 目前通常认为其主旨为使用并在情况允许下创制可用明显异常方式(情况允许下可重复与自动触发)导致大规模破坏及/或受害者的异常。这一活动的宗旨即是破坏社会秩序,既会对人民的安全感及身体完整性带来损害,也会攻击人的心理完整性,并表明不应存在之实体的存在及危险性。


对基金会态度: CFO被认定为极端敌对者,目前认为其并没有足够直接攻击基金会任一站点的进攻性力量,然而并不排除其发动间接攻击的可能,尤其是使用特制异常的间接攻击。在基金会成功获取控制的CFO基地中发现的证据显示其正试图通过其异常生物技术创制可量产进攻性单位。


Cult of the Great Eye of the Mediterranean

~ CGOM ~


Description:Little is known about the Cult's origins, but the latest archaeological finds in the mediterranean zone indicate that this Group of Interest would have been active since the first human civilizations, as part of a now dismantled order of ultra-religious zealots. Such primitive men where all converted to the Cult's faith toward their object of worship, that they refer to as the "Great Eye".

It's suspected that the Cult has been inactive until the first decades of the IX century BC, and that it has entered this state of "secrecy" after fighting the Phoenicians and the Greeks under the pseudonym of "Sea People". The reason of such attacks is probably connected to achieving the hegemony of what was born and prospered around the Mediterranean. Since then, the Cult has lost good part of the military power at its disposal and has been reduced to thousands of adepts scattered across all the Mediterranean, which still make the Sea particularly insidious.

At the time of writing no diplomatic or peaceful contacts have been made between the Cult's exponents and the Foundation's personnel. To this day the Cult is still dangerous thanks to the use of sea creatures and adepts gifted with esoteric powers not fully known to the Foundation. Any finding, capture or retrieval of individuals/objects connected to this GoI has to be immediately assigned to the Esoteric and Thaumaturgical Department and reported to the SSM-I.

To access to the complete and updated documentation about the Cult, access to the Division of Underwater Archaeology of Site Nettuno is necessary.

Organization:During the long centuries of inactivity the Cult has risked disbanding itself several times, thereby losing countless adepts. Because of this, the Group of Interest has dedicated all of itself to the secrecy of its operations after its collapse and it seems to be divided in ranks, which to follow:

  • THE GUARDIANS - Entities that, thanks to the energy contained in their own "sepulchres" and in [DATA REMOVED], seems to be gifted with esoteric powers connected to the sea and the water, with which they're able to control life's own existence around the Mediterranean. It's not known how many of those beings are actually existing, and are also highly unknown their full capacity.
  • THE SEEKERS - Commanders of great groups of adepts, in which is possible to reach more than 100 members, these intermediaries seems to be the most loyal to the Cult's cause and are subjected to a process known as "Illumination", connecting them to the "Great Eye" and providing them partial power of Guardians.
  • THE ADEPTS - The most humans, positioned on the base of the hierarchy and constituting the labor force of the Cult, as well as the backbone of their operations. They cover the most varied tasks and seem to be chosen among the most capable, the most intelligent and the strongest. There are also reports about adepts "kidnapped" from the surface and reconditioned to serve the Cult, although the lack of additional details makes inconclusive this track.

Additional information about the "abilities" of some Cult's individual seem to be contradictory and, at the time of writing, not supported by actual evidences. The only sure thing is that their anomalous capacity to survive under the sea, where they have various operative bases, immune to marine pressure or erosion thanks to the power of some members.

Purposes:The Cult's purpose is to protect their divinities from impure eyes; in fact, according to them, it could even damage their own existence. The secondary purpose is to impose the Guardians' will on the sea itself, preparing to conquer the mainland if necessary. Due to their fanaticism, is to be suspected that forms of hypnotism and mass indoctrination have been used to ensure that no adept would betray the Cult (this is, obviously, only in most cases). CGOM's activity is very sporadic, not very detectable and very variable, reaching a few peaks of activity over decades. From 2006, however, such involvements have become very more commons, to this day is hypothesized that this is due to the awakening of their "divinity".

Attitude:The CGOM is currently hostile towards the Foundation and every other Group of Interest that hinders their purposes or tries to contact them. It's probable that such attitude is destined to remain in this way, due to the lack of diplomacy from both sides.





描述: 美第奇秘密艺术学院(在基金会员工中通常简称为美第奇学院)由佛罗伦萨之主洛伦佐·德·美第奇于1484年创建,是一个收集及记录具异常性质前现代艺术作品的秘密组织。目前基金会已知其在█个不同欧洲国家建有██个分支,每个分支都有不同程度独立于总部的自治。基金会目前还不知道用于开展学院工作的资金的来源。学院总部设在美第奇里卡迪宫,后者目前作为一座博物馆和佛罗伦萨市长的住所使用,以掩护其真实作用。该建筑的地下室延伸出一个未知深度的结构,作为意大利领土上回收作品的永久性展览。从少有的几次访问中基金会特工拍摄的图像中,可估测其总部存在有不少于██个异常物体。

组织: 美第奇学院的首脑被称为“馆长”,而分支的领导人则被称为“守护者”。其中只有█人在所在国内有充分的行动自由, 而其余的守护者则亲自隶属于馆长。

对基金会态度: 学院对基金会既不表示出敌对态度,大部分情况下也不会在艺术品回收上展开合作行动。尽管他非常不愿透露自己的身份,但现任馆长全力支持利用学院在异常艺术领域的经验,以更好地确认基金会持有作品的异常能力。该提案已提交给基金会意大利分部主任,正在等待批准。

Dr. ██████的笔记: “尽管学院成员对每一种艺术形式都很喜爱,然而在与他们的多次会晤中,他们都反复强调他们对被拿来和GOI ‘Are We Cool Yet?’作比较感到深深的厌恶,并且认为其作品‘肮脏、没有品位’。”


Ordo Iani

~ OI/01 ~


描述: 门神兄弟会,亦以其拉丁语名字Ordo Iani而闻名,是意大利境内致力于研究异常最古老的组织。其由罗马皇帝提图斯于公元79年设立以集合当时的科学家与哲学家。在接下来一个世纪基督教扩散的过程中,兄弟会一直保持地下活动状态,并留下了大量的异常实体与异常事件记载,尽管如此,其还是与皇帝士瓦本的腓特烈二世1合作并建成了Site Deus(对外公开宣称为Monte堡,1985年移交至基金会旗下)并在其驾崩后对其进行保养。The Order's history through centuries is long and troubled, and has been divided by historians in four phases.

Organization: Originally, the Order was composed of numerous members and headquarters scattered in roman provinces, though the number dropped from the fall of the empire on and to this day counts a few hundred members and eight headquarters. The central headquarter, under the Palatine Hill, ("Ammenda" from the 13th century, or Tempulm Iani Occultum) has always been in the hands of the italian order, protected by anomalous defenses and not; from Frederick onward it loses its centrality (recovered with the end of the Papal State) for Castel del Monte and Naples' Studium.

The individual leading the Order is the Imperator Auxiliaris, followed in hierarchy by the eight Sacerdotes Magni (or Gran Sacerdos) who lead the eight headquarters. Members are divided in archivists (tabularii), who study and catalog anomalies, and seekers (quaesitores), for investigation and recovering missions, though the lack of personnel leaded to an overlapping of both roles.

Purposes: The Ordo seeks knowledge over everything else, convinced that dividing man from deity is also the awareness of universal laws and that intellectual elevation is accompanied by a spiritual counterpart (apotheosis), capable of setting free from the fear of unknown; this was desired for all humanity, with the empire as a via for this purpose. The dual relationship with the divine (state to aspire to and entity to worship) unfolds in the figure of Janus, who symbolizes the dyads of man/deity and anomalous/ordinary.

On the question of the return in vogue of the Roman cults and consequent universal apotheosis, the post-imperial Order is instead divided, so much so that not every member is or has been pagan. The most moderate faction is more concentrated on preserving the acquired knowledge, while the nostalgic one waits for when humanity will be ready to re-accept the ancient faith, in order to lead it in a new golden age.

Attitude towards the Foundation: The two groups have a good relationship, centered on trust and cooperation, other than mutual benefit. The Order admits Foundation's resources' superiority and is pleased to make its age-old knowledge available. In return, the Foundation reserves a small portion of its funds for the Order, preventing its dissolution.






描述: RIDIA由维克托·伊曼纽尔二世2于1871年建立,是意大利国王直属组织,其影响泽被全国及意属殖民地。其职能为搜寻并收容可能对君主制及国民生命安全产生威胁的异常物品。自1926年起,RIDIA开始直接受贝尼托·墨索里尼领导,在执政官本人的领导下,RIDIA开始偏离其原本的研究职能,转变为一个极其暴力且极具侵略性的组织,并致力于制造异常武器并将之用于战争之中。

类似于SCP基金会,RIDIA会将其接触的所有异常(包括其所收容的异常及其所销毁的异常)归档并对其性质及影响进行研究。这些记录中绝大部分都被运往大档案室(当前基金会使用的最重要的站点,即Site Plutone)进行保存。

组织: RIDIA由一名由国王任命的综合指导领导,下分三个部门,并在法西斯时期改组为四个部门:异常研究部(Divisione di Studio dell’Anomalo,DSA),旨在了解异常;内务部(Divisione Amministrativa Interna,DAI),主要管理整个机构的行政工作;异常搜寻部(Divisione Ricerca dell’Anomalo,DRA),负责确认及追捕异常;以及军事部(Divisione Militare,DM),建立于30年代,将异常项目用于战场上。

对基金会态度: 官方层面上RIDIA已在1946年解散并改组为SCP基金会意大利分部;一部分对基金会抱有敌意的该组织成员建立了秘密法西斯委员会。






描述:城市奇异事务至尊议院(意大利语:Serenissimo Colejo degli Estri e dei Maùchi del Comùn)是最尊贵的威尼斯共和国3时期活跃的的秘密结社,自公元9世纪上半叶到1797年《坎波福尔米奥条约》4签订为止,该组织一直处于活跃状态。SCEMC的组建很可能是用以缓解敌对势力使用异常手段干预共和国政府。在SCEMC最活跃的时期(公元13~16世纪),被共和国政府认为并不危险或无法运用的异常将在其控制的系统下进行交易。








组织: 中央的SISMA包含各科室和办公室A(档案室)、C(内部/外部沟通和协调室)、F(人员招聘和培训室)和R(异常研究和开发室)的主任。军事和调查人员是从其他政府机构“借”来的,他们仍然是各自组织的一部分,但由系统进行异常对策的培训,并被分配到他们能力范围内的行动。这些部门分为I部(情报部)、P部(警察部)和S部(局势和军事动员部)。SISMA has a central headquarters in Rome and a meager number of laboratories, storage units and military structures, both permanents and leased. Much of this has been decommissioned, reassigned, or raided by subversive elements. SISMA collaborates, moreover, with international organizations like JOVE6 and PANGEA7.

宗旨:Ignoring alleged assistance to state agencies with staff specializing in "state-related anomalies", SISMA has the purpose of preparing and defending the Italian Republic from criminals, foreign powers and catastrophes due to or accomplished via “anomalous materials”. The resulting philosophy is extremely nationalistic and utilitarian.



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